Sacramento Photo
Treasure Hunt
The Rules.

Don't let these rules scare you, they are written to avoid any misunderstanding in regards to the Life in Sacramento Photo Treasure Hunt contest. Throughout this listing of rules, Chris Corsello, will be referred to as "Life in Sacramento." Anyone participating in the contest will be referred to as "contestant" and "winner" refers to a contestant that has entered the correct answer prior to any other contestant and who is deemed to be qualified to win. Life in Sacramento will award the announced prize to the first contestant who correctly identifies the location shown in Treasure Hunt pictures. The "first contestant" is defined as the person whose e-mail arrives first in my e-mail inbox at: The e-mail must describe accurately the location shown in the picture. Life in Sacramento will decide if an entry is precise enough to be deemed correct. Every attempt will be made to fairly award the prize. Life in Sacramento does, however, reserve the right to disqualify any contestant for any reason. Life in Sacramento will neither sell nor give away your e-mail address. Now the fine print.

1. Winner must be willing to have his or her first and last name posted as the winner of the Life in Sacramento Treasure Hunt contest. This is done partially to insure that other contestants know that Life in Sacramento is actually awarding the prizes stated. This is a real contest.
2. Once Life in Sacramento verifies that an answer is correct, the contestant will receive an e-mail indicating that the correct answer has been entered. Life in Sacramento will then request contact information. If a contestant with the correct answer does not respond within 7 CALENDAR DAYS to the request for contact information, the prize will be forfeited to the next qualified contestant with the correct answer. For this reason, contest status will remain "open" until verification is complete.
3. Contestants may enter more than one Treasure Hunt at a time, however, the first correct answer entered by a particular contestant will be the prize offered. Contestants can not win two or more Treasure Hunts simultaneously.
4. Winning contestants are ineligible for Treasure Hunt contests for a period of one calendar month.
5. Life in Sacramento is not responsible for any lost, misdirected, delayed or otherwise undelivered e-mail.


A. Life in Sacramento prefers to post actual pictures of contest winners. Winners can send Life in Sacramento a picture to post, or a picture can be taken of the winner by the official Life in Sacramento photographer. This is currently not a requirement, but if you don't want your picture posted, Life in Sacramento would prefer that you do not enter.
B. Life in Sacramento prefers to have a representative personally deliver or drop-off prizes.
C. If you are a website owner, Life in Sacramento would be happy to provide a link to your site. If not, I am willing to add a link to you "favorite" website.

Again, Life in Sacramento does reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason, and opt instead to award the prize to the next eligible contestant. I will do my best to be fair.

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