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Rob Cockerham
of Cockeyed.com
seen in Arden Fair mall

(Part 2) click here for part 1.

Web Celeb Rob Signs Autograph for Adoring Fan
One fan stopped Rob in the mall to get his autograph. I did wonder where he got the pictures of Rob. It almost seemed like people were expecting him to be there...

This crazed fan ran through the mall screaming "I touched the baby! I touched the baby!"

Crazed Fan and Baby.

In the Sunglass Hut
A crowd of Paparazzi cornered the Cockerhams in the Sunglass Hut. It dawned on me as I snapped this picture, that I too, had become... a paparazzi. Wait! What is the singular? Paparazzus? I too, had become... a paparazzus.
The Cockeyed Family attempted their escape in the glass elevator...
Cockerhams in the Glass Elevator.

Paparazzi Waiting...

The Paparazzi figured out that the elevator went up, and were waiting when they arrived. I almost felt sorry for this celebrity family. After all, I'm sure that all they wanted was to shop in peace... on a Saturday afternoon... during the Back to School shopping season... in a crowded mall... what were they thinking?
Almost an hour had passed. Shouldn't these paparazzi have given up by now? Surely they had enough pictures...
Non-stop Photo Fest.

In Nordstroms...

Maybe this was actually some sort of publicity stunt? Or a prank of some sort? If you haven't figured out what all the fuss is about yet, maybe you better click on this link.

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