Broadway Arts Festival: Sacramento Scenes

Gustavo Reynoso is shown here. Some of you may remember his previous appearance on Life in Sacramento. He was one of the vendors at "Battle of the Cans". He had several of his Sacramento series on display. Unfortunately the sun was hitting these paintings from behind, but you can still get the idea. He is currently working on a Napa Valley series. He really makes an effort to capture all four seasons of a region when he does a series. Check out his website at:

These Sacramento scenes are the work of Roger Ewers. He can be reached at: I like the painting of the Zebra club, though hard to see here, it is the upper left painting.

These images of Sacramento are painted by Patris in the tradition of the Barbizon School. If her work looks familiar, you may have seen it in the Sacramento News & Review's Best of Sacramento 2003 issue. One of her paintings was featured on page 76 of that SN&R issue as the intro to the "People & Places" section. She has also been featured by the Sacramento Bee. Check out her website at:

William Tuthill does very detailed paintings of Sacramento locations. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a good picture due to the reflection from the glass. His work is being featured by the Smith Gallery. His work can be better seen there and at

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