Broadway Arts Festival: Sculpture

The metal art shown here is the work of Kristen Hoard. I really enjoyed her work. She displayed a really cool table, not shown here, but can be seen at her website. In the second picture you can see the reflection of the Tower Theater which gives you an idea of where this festival took place. You can see more of Kristen Hoard's work at

Nathan Ring showed ceramic work and sculpture. This was only artist that I actually purchased from on Sunday. (I will probably purchase pieces from other artists in the future) I bought a giant ceramic insect for $30. It is similar to one visible in the first picture. Take advantage of Nathan's extremely reasonable prices: Nathan Ring (916) 479-3939.

These are the work of Sharon. She specializes in Ceramic Body Sculptures and Raku. These pictures don't do her work justice. If you are interested to see more, check her website by clicking here: Sharon's Designs. You can also e-mail her at:

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