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Art & Wine Festival

The Sacramento Art & Wine Festival took place on Capitol mall.

Art Vendors showed and sold their work, while musicians performed on stage.

Most people attending crowded into the two tents
for unlimited wine tasting (and a souvenir wine glass) for $20.

I actually did not intend to cover this event because I was under the belief that my camera was no longer in working order. When I attended on Saturday I saw so many good photo opportunities that I had to take action. I returned Sunday after correcting the camera malfunction. Unfortunately, I arrived late in the afternoon and the lighting made it difficult to get good pictures.

The wines available for tasting were mostly bottles that retail in the $8 to $15 range, such as Woodbridge, Clos Du Bois and others. One of the finer wines I tasted was from a winery called Trinchero. Most of the vendors pouring the wine weren't particularly interested in actually discussing the wine or the wineries with me. I guess they were only expecting people who wanted to get drunk for $20. Never-the-less, I still had fun. I ran into many neighbors and friends.

The Festival also had a handful of breweries participating, the Sierra Nevada Brewery was sampling their Harvest Brew. The Festival also had hot rods on display, a children's play area, and a second music stage.

I only wish that I had the time and reliable photo equipment to have done individual artist profiles like I did for the Broadway Arts Festival in 2003. Many local artists were present, along with a number of kiosks selling merchandise.

The pictures seen here were taken in 2004.

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