Sky Bar Cafe.

Lunch: 11am - 4pm. Dinner: 5pm - 10pm
908 15th st (15th between I and J st)
(916) 441-1500

Great Food! Go there!
Appetizers $5 - $11, salads $6 - $11
Entrees. Lunch: $7 - $15. Dinner: $10 - $24
Indoor dining
Full Bar and Beer & Wine
Big portions of great food
Live Jazz on weekends

Picture 1: Spaghetti Marinara.
Picture 2: Fettucini Alfredo with prawns.

Additional comments:

I finally got a chance to dine at the Sky Bar Cafe. "Sacvibe" has been raving about this place since it opened in November. Sky Bar Cafe has also appeared on Good Day Sacramento and Good Evening Sacramento. It was definitely time for the "Life in Sacramento Restaurant Guide" to visit. I was not disappointed.

My first visit was a Tuesday evening. The King's game was playing on their two flat screen televisions. The relatively small number of offerings on the Sky Bar Cafe menu lead me to believe that fresh ingredients are likely to be found here. The wine selection included many Napa Valley wineries, which I appreciate having been born and raised in Napa. I ordered the Fettucini with prawns.

The meal was served promptly, just as I was finishing my dinner salad. There were so many jumbo prawns in the Fettucini that I had to push them to the side to get to the pasta! Some restaurants require you to dig through the pasta to find the prawns, not at the Sky Bar Cafe! In fact the portion size was so large, I wasn't able to finish it all. (This is unusual for me) Most simply, I would describe the dish as "very good."

Normally, I don't mention "The Life in Sacramento Restaurant Guide" until after I have finished my meal, but not this time. Che, of Sacvibe, spotted me and promptly introduced me to the owner...

Everyone in the place was friendly. I was particularly impressed that the Chef came out personally to see how we were enjoying the food. Two other guests that I spoke with that night were both visiting Sacramento on business and happened to find their way into the Sky Bar Cafe. One guest mentioned to the owner that he found Sky Bar to be a friendly place. The owner felt that many places forget to include "friendly" with service, which, as he pointed out, is one the few things in the business that doesn't cost anything.

Sky Bar Cafe has live Jazz every weekend. It is next door to the Torch Club, which is known in Sacramento for their live Blues music. Sky Bar is also across the street from the Memorial Auditorium.

I have dined at the Sky Bar at least 5 more times since. Sky Bar Cafe has provided an excellent dining experience on each and every occasion. I would also recommend the Angel Hair Primavera. (maybe I'll post a picture of that in the future)

Visitors from out of town, one from Orange County and the other from Denver Colorado, have managed to find the Sky Bar Cafe... now we need the locals to find this place! Don't get me wrong, Sky Bar gets full on weekends, but there are many restaurants in Sacramento that are twice as crowded, but only half as good. If you don't try this place out, you will really be missing out.

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