M - F 7:30am-5:30pm / Sat 9am-4pm
Closed Sunday
1237 J st (On the corner of 13th and J st.)
(916) 448-5610

Deli Counter
Sandwiches $4 to $5
Indoor and outdoor seating
Espresso, Beer & Wine
Large selection of deli salads
Service tends to be a bit on the slow side

Italian combo in first picture
Vegetarian shown in the second picture

Didn't mom always say, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all?" Well, I do have some nice things to say. I've posted Pennisi's here because I believe that it is an asset to the community. They have unique sandwich combinations and a large selection of deli salads. (the pasta salad is quite good) It is also a nice touch that they include an Andes chocolate mint with each sandwich. Certainly, it is a far better option for lunch than subway.

With that said, I must mention that I haven't always had good experiences with Pennisi's. My complaints are relatively minor. I don't care for the limited sandwich menu on Saturday, too narrow. Once, I was told that the deli counter was now closed, as they finished serving their "last" customer. I would understand, except the store was otherwise still open. Nothing was put away yet. Last time I went, I removed the lettuce from my sandwich. The lettuce just wasn't right. The service tends to be on the slow side, but perhaps they are just understaffed.

I realize that these are just personal gripes, but I had to mention them. Overall, and as stated previously, Pennisi's really is an asset to the community with some wonderful offerings, I've just personally had bad timing and bad luck. I would still suggest that everyone try this place for themselves, if you're in the neighborhood.

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