Paesanos Pizzeria

Mon - Fri 11:30am-9pm / Sat & Sun 5pm-9pm
(Pasta unavailable 2pm - 5pm)
1806 Capitol ave.
(Between 18th & 19th on Capitol ave, Next to Java City)
(916) 447-8646

Good quality pasta and pizza for reasonable prices.
Appetizers $3-$7, Entrees $6-$12, Pizza $8-$18
Indoor and outdoor dining
Beer & Wine served
Good selection of salads
Unique pizza selections. Additional comments below.

Penne Roma with shrimp shown here

A few years ago I described Paesanos as my favorite restaurant. They serve my two favorites: Pizza and Pasta, and they do it well. The portion sizes at that time were huge. It seems like they shrunk a bit about 2 years ago, (an ex-waitress also admitted this to me) however, this does not make a difference because it is still an incredible value. The portion sizes are usually bigger than comparable restaurants and at reasonable prices. Paesanos always seems to have an attractive wait staff. It has a reputation for being a "noisy" place, I prefer to call it lively. They remodeled the dining room last year, this was a big improvement. The pasta dishes are always good. I have heard varying opinions on the pizza. I enjoy their pizza tremendously, but it is a different style than your standard "Round Table" pizza. It is more of a flat crust and tends to have less cheese. Paesanos pizza is more similar to what I ate in Rome. (In Rome, however, they tend to not put as many toppings on the pizza.) All in all, still one of my favorites.

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