The Melting Pot. A Fondue Restaurant.

Sun-Thurs 4:30 - 10:30 / Fri & Sat 5:00 - 11:00
814 15th st. (Between H st and I st on 15th st)
(916) 443-2347

Opened in July of this year.
Cheese Fondue for two: $14 / Chocolate Fondue for two $14. /
Entrees $18 - $26.
Indoor dining.
Full Bar, Beer & Wine
Everything cooked fondue style at your table.
Fun dining experience, additional comments follow images.

Swirl of light and dark chocolate in first picture.
Items ready for dipping in second picture.

Additional comments:

I can't believe I didn't provide pictures of the other courses! When I ate at the Melting Pot, I hadn't really conceived of the idea of producing this guide. I took pictures of the chocolate because it looked (and indeed) was so incredible.

My friend Roy attended this meal with me. We decided to go ahead and order their "Big Night Out" dinner. For $84 two people get four courses. The first course is a choice of cheese fondues. The "Big Nigth Out" dinner offers an extra cheese option that isn't available otherwise. (Ours was a mixture of whiskey and cheese) The second course was a choice of salads. Although the salads sounded interesting on the menu, they weren't much to speak of. Our choice of entree was Lobster Tail, Terriyaki, sirloin and prawns. There are four choices of cooking style- a choice of what is mixed into the cooking oil. Cooking at the table allows each person to cook to their own taste. Colored fondue skewers avoid mix-ups. The last course: Chocolate Fondue. There are approximately 8 choices of chocolate fondues. Our set was called "S'mores". This included cheesecake. (See photo above) This is just too good.

Overall, it is a fun experience that you can expect to take about 2 hours (or more) and for this reason they really appreciate reservations during the week, and on weekends it is probably a necessity. Now that I've done it, I am more likely to stop there early for a cheese fondue as an appetizer, or drop by later in the evening for a chocolate fondue desert. The full meal should definitely be experienced at least once.

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