Hamburger Mary's

Open 7 days a week. (hours to be updated)
1630 J st (On the corner of 17th and J st,
across the street from The Beat! Records)
(916) 441-4340

Inexpensive casual dining
Appetizers ~$4 -$8 / Entrees ~$6 and up
Indoor dining
Full bar.
Good vegetarian offerings
Hamburgers & Unique grilled sandwiches.
"Fabulous" decor

Hamendous shown below

Normally I am not a big fan of chain restaurants. I like a dining experience that is unique to Sacramento. In defense, Hamburger Mary's does not seem to be a large chain. I'll check into it and get back to you on this. [10 locations around the county with an 11th on the way] The decor is... can I say "fabulous"? Vegetarians don't be afraid, despite the name they have a great gardenburger, in fact you can put a gardenburger patty on any of their burgers. I'm not a big fan of burgers either, so I usually have one of their grilled sandwiches, which are very good. I can never go to Hamburger Mary's without getting an order of cheese sticks. Think of this as a high class Denny's or Lyon's. (Much higher class, but the offerings are similar) The great thing is that the price doesn't increase over Denny's nearly as much as the quality does, which really puts it in a different league. I like the Hamendous (which is much more appetizing than it appears in the picture) and the "Healthy Mary". Very reasonably priced and very casual.

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