A Tribute to Koshka.

I saw my cat, Koshka, for the last time on July 2 of 2003. Koshka was important to me. Putting this tribute together is helping me to heal. She has been a part of my life for either 9 or 10 years. She has perhaps been the only constant in my daily life, as many things have changed over the years. She has moved with me several times, but has been in my current apartment with me for 5 years. Her name is even on the rental agreement. I miss my cat tremendously.

Koshka mysteriously arrived in front of our house near 65th and Broadway sometime in Fall of either 1993 or 1994. My house mates had brought her in while I was at school. She was very thin, very hungry and had a deep gash near where her tail meets her back. She apparently liked people, but did not trust them. This was shown by the fact that she would follow us around the house, but refused to be touched.

During the college days, trying to hold Koshka became a drunken game. Who could endure being scratched up by Koshka the longest? Five seconds was a good time. I think Kurt was always the champ. Over time, Koshka learned that none of us would hurt her and eventually enjoyed being held.

I trained Koshka to stand up on her back to legs when I fed her Tuna. Hopefully I have a video of this around somewhere. It was awfully cute.

Koshka was a great hunter... even when wearing a bell around her neck. She once brought a bird into the apartment through my front window. It wasn't dead, just captured. When she tried to drop it, the bird flew wildly through the apartment getting feathers everywhere. The bird flew back out through the open window, where it was almost caught again.

Please don't offer me any more advice on finding her. I have devoted quite a bit of time attempting to do so, with no luck.

Koshka eventually became so sweet. She showed affection to everyone. Her fur was exceptionally soft. It is somewhat fitting, that the sweet kitty with the unknown origin would eventually disappear... an unknown outcome. I miss my cat.

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