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My Cat Came Back!
-or- Koshka Returns!

On June 17, 2005 a very amazing thing happened... my cat Koshka came back after missing for nearly 2 years!!!
The first feature I made for Life in Sacramento was a tribute to my missing cat: Koshka. (see the original feature here) After nearly two years, I had long since figured she was never to return. To my amazement, she's back!

My cat: Koshka!
Of course, the first question everyone asks is, "are you sure it is Koshka?" I, of course, also asked myself the same question. The evidence began to mount as I went through the inspection process which I had devised during my numerous trips to the animal shelter back in July of 2003.

First, her coloring is exactly the same, not just black, but a few flecks of gray or white, with a deep caramel coloring near her rear. She has broken bottom right tooth, tan and black patches on the roof of her mouth... both were a match. Could it be? Her vocalizations seemed to be the same, and she seemed to know me.

Back in the 90's I spent about 6 months training Koshka to stand on her back legs before feeding her most favorite meal... tuna! This was no easy task, and was not a natural behavior. We tried the tuna test... without hestitation this cat stood right up. There was no question about it, this is Koshka.
A month has passed, and if there was any remaining doubt, it has waned. There has not been one behavior, vocalization or any single piece of evidence to suggest that this is not Koshka. She waits for me in the same place as always for me to come home from work. She has all her same favorite places in my apartment and the same food preferences.

Koshka laying in her own unique way...
Koshka even has this odd way of laying on her belly occasionally, in which she extends her back legs straight out behind her. The picture to the left is a current picture of Koshka doing exactly that.
So where was Koshka and what was she doing during the last 2 years? I am certain that I will never know. I am just very happy that she is back. Now I have even more reason to spoil her rotten. I certainly hope that she sticks around for a very long time... as my friend Roy pointed out, "Koshka has definitely used up her nine lives by now..."
Welcome Home, Koshka!

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