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Rob Cockerham
of Cockeyed.com
seen in Arden Fair mall

An unaware Rob & Stacy
Melanie and I were doing some shopping in Sacramento's Arden Fair mall, when we unexpectedly saw Web Celebrity Rob Cockerham of the humor site Cockeyed.com!! (Rob Cockerham has appeared on Life in Sacramento .com once before.) I subscribe to Rob Cockerham's mantra "Always Carry a Camera." Luckily, I was prepared with a brand new memory card.

I am a big fan of Cockeyed.com so I took this opportunity to get a picture. It just didn't quite capture the moment, so I persisted in taking more photographs.

The next picture I got was better, I even caught them off guard. The flash on my camera went off when I snapped this picture alerting Rob and Stacy to my presence. Unfortunately this picture was blurry, and I decided that if I was truly going to cover this sighting for "Life In Sacramento," I had to get a really good photograph.

Rob Cockerham and wife Stacy.

The Happy Cockeyed Family in Arden Fair mall
For this picture, I ran up ahead and waited for them. They seemed to be pretty good sports about it, I suppose I might have simply asked them if I could take a photograph. Oh well. I was fairly pleased with this picture and planned to leave the happy family to their shopping, but then something unexpected happened...
Others started snapping pictures too! Is Rob Cockerham really that famous? In fact it kind of turned into a picture snapping frenzy. Have the masses finally discovered this little known "internet" thing? Could Web Celebrities as Cockerham be as big as Tom Cruise? I never knew there were so many paparazzi lurking in the masses of Arden Fair mall. I took some pictures of the paparazzi... the hunters become the hunted!
Paparazzi are everywhere in Arden Fair Mall!

The Crowd Began to Gather...

After a while a crowd started to form. People really do like Cockeyed.com. Even those who didn't know who Rob was began to gather as well. "Who is that? Is it someone famous?" Some people are so out of touch. I guess it makes sense, if they really knew what was going on, they would be at the newer, bigger, slicker Roseville Mall.

These Cockeyed Fans...

...were relentless!

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