Cake live at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento

Everyone in Sacramento heard about the "secret" Cake show at the Blue Lamp on Tuesday, March 2. The Sacramento Bee leaked the information. You can also see a reporter from Good Evening Sacramento reporting live in the above picture. That probably brought a few more people to the Blue Lamp as well. Approximately 400 to 500 showed up to get into this show. The Blue Lamp has a capacity of 85. When I arrived 71 people were in front of me in line...

...By the time the doors opened, there were 122 people ahead of me. I managed to get in anway... but I can't give away all my secrets. When Che from Sacvibe told me that he was not able to get into this exclusive event, I figured I better get at least a couple of pictures for Life in Sacramento! Cameras were not supposed to be taken inside, so my pictures came out blurry because I was shooting without a flash.

I did take my chances and snapped two pictures with the flash. No one said anything. I would have taken more, but I didn't want to annoy the band. Good thing too, because I ended up hanging out with the drummer and guitarist between shows.

I used to see Cake play at places like Old Ironsides, the Fox & Goose, the Press Club, Friday night concert in the park, CSUS... back before the major label came along. Seeing Cake in a small venue like this reminded me of my college days.

In order to appease some of those who didn't get into the show, Cake played a second show after clearing out the first group. A small handful of us were able to see both shows. The first show seemed like the group that were "supposed" to know about the show. The second group were the die hard fans that were willing to wait outside until the first show was finished. The two shows were real similar, except Cake might have played a few more radio hits during the second show. Both shows were a great time. We all look forward to the next "secret" show... if only any of us hear about it!

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