Broadway Arts Festival

The Broadway Arts Festival took place on Sunday, October 12. It was a fundraiser to help keep Oak Park beautiful. The group pictured are some of the volunteers who help with clean-up and gang grafitti abatement. The 1988 Jaguar on the right was being auctioned as a fundraiser. $5 raffle tickets. Thankfully I didn't win.

This is Christopher Williams. He was the only artist I saw that was "at work" during the festival. His mom can be seen in the first photo standing behind his work. Give him a call, his work is very reasonably priced. (916) 996-9264.

Hector Espinoza did these very colorful works. He has 2 pieces that I particularly liked. One is the dinner table scene behind Hector's right shoulder. (I believe it is also available in a small size as seen on the table) The other is the teacher serving up #2 pencils. Hector can be reached at (916) 685-5597 or e-mail at:

Rudolfo Orihuela is a High School teacher here in Sacramento that just recently got back into doing his art. He only showed 3 pieces at a friend's display. I really like the art he is holding in this picture.

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