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Best Sacramento Links
Here they are! The Life in Sacramento Best-links, better known as BLinks! Connecting you to a few of the best Sacramento related Web Sites! Sites that are about Sacramento, relevant to Sacramento, represent Sacto... or at very least make some mention of Sacramento!!
Link suggestions: blinks@lifeinsacramento.com
Sacramento History Online
The Best Sacramento Website... even though the pictures are kind of old! I am fascinated with the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. There are literally thousands of pictures of Sacramento from "a time gone by." Check out this 1913 picture of K street and this 1923 picture taken at 11th & J, or this 1922 picture taken on 11th street between I & J st looking toward the Capitol and St. Rose of Lima. They have a picture of the long lost Alhambra Theater that used to stand where Safeway is now. Did you know that there was a Roller Coaster in Oak Park back in 1915? Also: 1920 Sacramento Brochure (PDF), 1923 Aerial Map of Sacramento, 1921 Sacramento Booklet with excellent historic photos of Sacramento. They even have a fun little interactive history lesson. Many hours of exploration await you!
Sacramento Lifestyle
The http address for Life in Sacramento .com! I'm pulling a Stephen Colbert by putting us on our own best web sites of Sacramento list, but why not? Life in Sacramento is the best website in Sacramento! I only wish it was updated more frequently. I really like the story about Sacramento's most famous cat: Koshka and her triumphant return! Life in Sacramento is really all about the pictures of Sacramento: also known as www.picturesofsacramento.com. Whether it is the pictures of the food found in the Sacramento Restaurant Guide (also known as www.sacrestaurantguide.com) or pictures of people at events like Chalk it Up no other website can beat the pictures on this Sacramento website. Life in Sacramento usually has a good listing of Sacramento Events, though sometimes is in need of update... but what do you expect from a non-commercial, self-funded, one-man show of a website?
Suckramento now known as RowdyTown.com
I think it was 2005 when they changed their name to Sacramento Rowdy Town. To some of us, it will always be Suckramento. The content of the site is based completely on user contribution, simultaneously the best and worst thing about the site. The result can often be an entertaining Sacramento forum. The "anyone can post" Calendar, keeps it full of a wide variety of events. I also enjoy the comments in the hangouts listing. I'm guessing that the reason for the name change was to set up a similar type of community based, community built website in several locations. I know there was a Rowdy Town for San Francisco, Seattle and Boston... but I haven't looked lately to see how they are doing, or if more cities have been added. This "concept" website could catch on in the manner of Craig's List, MySpace or You Tube... if only the contentious know-it-all users would stop posting long enough to allow others to contribute. (I guess I should take my own advice).
Cockeyed is a very popular humor site by Sacramento midtown resident Rob Cockerham. (seen here) If you've never been to Cockeyed be prepared to laugh for hours, usually with Sacramento as the setting. Start with "Why Visit Sacramento?." Rob is something of a "homebrewed" Scientist. One popular feature is the How much is inside series, where Rob investigates how much is actually inside common products. He also documents his vitcimless Pranks, like the prank he pulled in Sacramento's Downtown Plaza and one he pulled on McDonald's. Free Trophy Night actually takes place in San Francisco, but is still hillarious. Rob has also carefully documented the value of a friend and excels with some strange eBay auctions. If you are thinking of getting a tatoo, read this first. In 2006, Life in Sacramento participated in the Paparazzi contest. The result of our entry? a sixth page link... scroll about half way down and read carefully. I swear, there is a link to Life in Sacramento!
Sacramento Young Professionals (SYP)
Sacramento Young Professionals is an activity based social group designed to bring professionals together. Whether you are networking or just wanting to have drinks with some fun people, SYP always has interesting activities planned. SYP is not just for singles, nor just for drinkers. Along with trips to wineries you will find financial planning workshops and other life enriching activities.
The Golden Lanterns
This site is just too cool. Golden Lanter (aka www.clubcourtyard.com) is about a group of neighbors that live on N st in Sacramento. When I first listed this site, I said "The Golden Lanterns doesn't appear to be updated very often ..." I have certainly been proven wrong in the time since! This kitten is very cute. I also like Girl's night out. What fun! Everyone should have their own website like this one. I also really appreciate the link not only to Life in Sacramento on the Golden Lantern Links, but also the link to this very page! I'm getting confused.
Napkin Nights
Napkin Nights has a good selection of pictures taken at bars and clubs throughout the Sacramento area. Updates are frequent and consistent. I've crossed paths with Steve and Tracy from Napkin Nights many times, good people. Check out Napkin Night's extensive club events listing.
Ian's I Love Sacramento
This is a cute site, but it doesn't seem to be updated anymore. The main page lists all the "famous" people of Sacramento. Some just might be Sacramento urban legend. Did Molly Ringwald really live in Roseville? I heard that she attended McClatchy High School as a freshman. "I love Sacramento" has four sections, each with tons of links: Sightseeing, Restaurants, Sacramento Serial Killers, and more Sacramento links!
Sacramento Zone
Warning! This is an adult website. Now, normally I wouldn't put an adult link here, but Sacramento Zone linked Life in Sacramento a long time ago without ever asking for a link in return. I'm not really into this sort of thing, but if you are, they apparently have some interesting contests...
Sactosaurus is the "original" Sacramento guide. I think it was originally an unofficial Sac State (CSUS) site. Be warned, I don't think the site has had any major updates in 7 or 8 years. However, on Sactosaurus you can find good advice from Alumni. CSUS students will also find advice on dormlife and roommates. There are also a couple of cute comic strips. I believe this guy who did this website later went on to produce My Folsom .com.
Midtown Grid previously sacramento midtown .com
The site started as Sacramento Midtown in March of 2004. They are now: Midtown Grid, an online business directory. They do a nice job of it. Suppose you have a business, but no website? For what I assume is a relatively small fee, Midtown Grid will create and post a basic webpage for your business. Midtown Grid also includes a cute little map, and a restaurant guide of their own.
Once upon a time, Che Perez from Sacvibe could be found in clubs all around Sacramento snapping pictures of beautiful women at trendy clubs. Sacvibe eventually went from promoting local events to promoting national acts touring through Sacramento. (Clear Channel productions?) Don't really need Sacvibe to find out about national acts... they're promoted everywhere. Anymore, Sacvibe is all about San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Not much Sac left in the vibe I guess.
Sac Scene
Sac Scene was the first site that I know of to go around taking pictures at Sacramento bars and clubs. The guy who started it all, claims to have been fired from the company he started. Last I heard he moved to Los Angeles and started Andy's Eyes. Regardless of what happened, The name "sacscene.com" lives on, and the pictures continue!
916 Online
A trend started years ago in L.A. where people identified where they were from by their telephone area code...916 Online continues this trend. I can't say much about 916 Online, because admittedly I haven't visited the site often. Of course, they also have lots of pictures taken at bars and clubs in the Sacramento area ...oops, I mean the 916 area.

Did you know that there is a brand of tobacco called Sacramento? Or a children's book about state Capitols named after Sacramento?

Interested in some History in Sacramento? Start with Sacramento Penny Postcards. There once was a large Brewery where the Sacramento Bee building is now. Read about a 19th century and early 20th century Brewery that used to be in Sacramento called the Buffalo Brewery. The same author also researched and wrote about an electric train that ran from San Francisco, through Sacramento, all the way to Chico called the Sacramento Northern.
Want to see stereograms of Sacramento? How about an old picture of Old Sacramento? I guess back then it would have been just plain old "Sacramento."

If you are into Art, there are some amazing artists in Sacramento: David Garibaldi, Anthony Natsoules, Gustavo Reynoso, and there are a few links that can be found in our coverage of the Broadway Arts Festival in 2004. I mention the site Sacramento Art Scene, because I want you to compare the Life in Sacramento pictures of the one time event: "Battle of Spray Cans and Battle of the Bands" to Sacramento Art Scene's pictures. As for Local Music, I had about six websites listed here in 2004, today the only one that remains is about Sacramento Raves, but as of November 2006, it hasn't been updated since December 2005. Someday I'll add links but for now you'll just have to run a google, yahoo or myspace music search for the following Sacramento bands: The Snobs, Didley Squat, Bucho!, Out of Place, Hot Pistol, The Skirts, Deathray, and The Haints. You can always pick up Jerry Perry's Alive & Kicking. A & K is kind of hard to find, but well worth the monthly listing of Sacramento shows. You can also look up Alive & Kicking on myspace, but that is about as close as A & K is willing to get to the internet. Don't be fooled, bands like the Deftones and Cake can no longer be called Sacramento bands, they belong to the world now.

Everyone knows that Life in Sacramento has the best pictures of Sacramento, but if you still want to see more Pictures of Sacramento there are many to be found...

I don't know Bernard Scoville, but he his peddling some nice snapshots of Sacramento for 25 cents each. Check out these tourist's snapshots of Sacramento. Another site has a big set of stock photography of a few Sacramento landmarks. Not bad, but if you are actually thinking of licensing them, why not contact me: sacto@lifeinsacramento.com first. I'll shoot pictures of Sacramento for you!
Take a slide show tour of Capitol Park which is a feature of the official State Capitol Website.

Looking for online Sacramento Classified Ads? Craig's List is probably the best bet.

Sacramento has no shortage of Blogs and Personal Websites. I haven't listed many here, so definitely e-mail: sacto@lifeinsacramento.com if you want your blog or personal website listed here. One of my favorites blogs called it quits Amelie est Bonne but as long as it still is online, I'll leave the link. I really appreciate that she linked to Life in Sacramento! Her links lead me to Dave Smith webworks: homebrewed Sacramento Guide. I really like the Sacramento Bars of the 1960's feature.

Commerce and Business Partnership sites are an excellent online resource. Check out the Sacramento Convention and Visitor's Bureau site, known as "Discover Gold." They have a great listing of events and another list of links. The Old Sacramento merchants have a nice website also. No list would be complete without a link to the Downtown Partnership website. If you are looking for information on the most well known attractions (Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Zoo, Old Sacramento), the City of Sacramento's Department of Convention, Culture and Leisure.

Mostly the Government just spends our hard earned tax money, but sometimes they actually provide useful information. For example, check out the Food Inspection reports for your favorite Sacramento restaurants! Sacramento Area Council of Governments has way too much information to describe here, for example, Census data. See for yourself. Here's the link to the official City of Sacramento website. Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try the official Sacramento County website.

Life in Sacramento is clearly the best Sacramento Local Web Guide, but you can look at some of the others if you aren't convinced. For example, Global Surrealism is sort of similar to Life in Sacramento, on a much smaller scale and hasn't been updated since July of 2003. You can get a look at the mural across from Sutter's Fort. Bar and club scene photo sites are appearing all the time in Sacramento: Sac Nights is a Sacramento site with a similar flavor to Sacscene, Napkin Nights, Sacvibe and 916 Online. (See links above) AOL has a crappy city guide, look for yourself. City Search has a lot of listings, but is mostly a lot of words and not very many concrete details. If I were you, I would just stick to Life in Sacramento. However, take a look anyway. City Search is exactly the type of corporate national website that inspired me to create a Sacramento site from the viewpoint of an actual resident. Here's another: Greatest Cities, compare their restaurant guide. Speaking of which, check out Chef Moz list of restaurants. Then come back and check the Life in Sacramento Restaurant Guide. If you are getting some ideas about starting your own restaurant guide, why not contact me about a partnership? sacto@lifeinsacramento.com.

Want even more Links to sites in the Sacramento region? Start with the Sacramento Top 25, which actually has over 50 sites linked. There are plenty more links at this site- notably government listings and annual events. Then there is Link Discovery which has just above every possible category, but doesn't seem to actually have any links! Try Sacto.com which has an unimaginative set of Sacramento links. SactoCrush (from the same guy that created RetroCrush) has good list of Sacramento links, except they forgot put Life in Sacramento on the list! The Open Directory Project is a great source of Sacramento links.

Sac Game Night is a group of Sacramentans that get together to play boards games, and other games that require large groups of players.

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